*.JULYs.* & !Admiral Spicy!

15 Dec

A poster of Items from *.JULYs.*  & !Admiral Spicy! ❤


The same:                                                                        First:

HAIR: [e] Other – Firey Reds                                              PULLOVER: !Admiral Spicy! Short Sweater (White)

PIERCINGS: [-B-] :Basic Piercings  Dollarbie!                   TATTOO: *.JULYs.*  believe the impossible

PANTS: !Admiral Spicy! Low Black Jeans

FLATS: [EY:NO] Flats (bleach)

Second:                                                                           Third:

PULLOVER: !Admiral Spicy! Short Sweater (Wintersour)       PULLOVER: !Admiral Spicy! Short Sweater (Pink)

TATTOO: *.JULYs.*  emo2                                                 TATTOO: *.JULYs.*  Emo

TATTOO2: *.JULYs.*  – ❤ Cute

Fourth:                                                                              Fifth:

PULLOVER: !Admiral Spicy! Short Sweater (Black)               PULLOVER: !Admiral Spicy! Short Sweater (Blue)

TATTOO: *.JULYs.*  Tears                                                  TATTOO: *.JULYs.*    I search the frog

TATTOO2: *.JULYs.*  Unbreakable


Greetings ❤


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